Advanced Tutorial: EU Law for Non-Lawyers

Blended learning

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  • Non-lawyers who participate in the EU law-making or EU law approximation process
  • Anyone with a legal background or who has a good understanding of the EU legal system, and who wishes to deepen his/her knowledge

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Would you like to learn how to influence the EU decision-making process? Do you want to gain more insights about the EU administrative framework and the position of your institution within it?

In the seminar, you will gain a complete understanding of the EU law-making process, and how you can have a role in shaping EU decisions. You will also get in-depth insights about the world of delegated and implementing acts and comitology.


  • The European regulation and the different roles and tasks of the EU institutions vis-à-vis those of the national authorities
  • EU administrative law and its application in EU institutions, bodies, and agencies
  • The different dos and don’ts of the EU decision-making process
  • Elements of EU litigation, along with an update of the most recent case laws

Pädagogische Methoden

This tutorial course is practice-based and includes group discussions and problem-solving sessions.

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