Certification Depositary Bank CDB (certified path)

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Back-office employees at depository banks (ie. depository bank agents)


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The depository bank agent processes settlement transactions and corporate actions. He fulfills both processing and controlling duties within fixed deadlines.
Through this certifying programme, depository bank agents become fully operational in their function.


Candidates must register to the mandatory courses individually, and pass a final examination (once all mandatory courses have been completed).

Mandatory courses:

  • International Financial Markets e-learning - 2 hours
  • Introduction to Back-Office Operations - 1h30
  • Risk Management Fundamentals e-learning - 2 hours
  • Compliance - Fundamentals - 8 hours
  • Depository Bank Agent - Fundamentals - 8 hours
  • Depository Bank Agent - in Practice - 8 hours

Optional courses:

  • AML & KYC in Banking e-learning - 2 hours
  • GDPR e-learning - 1 hour

Informations supplémentaires


Mandatory pre-requesite:

Candidates are allowed to participate to the exam upon completion of all mandatory courses as listed in the programme only.

Please contact our Customer Service in order to register to the exam and pass the certification.

Note that your participation certificate per course will be requested, as a pre-requesite to the certifying exam registration process.


To obtain their certificate, candidates must:

  • have attended all mandatory courses,
  • have passed the examination with a minimum rate of 60%,
  • eventually, have requested their final certificate to Customer Service. The House of Training will then send the certificate.

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