Anti-Money Laundering V (AMLV/CTF) eLearning


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The DLearn team has developed a brand new online anti-money laundering training course, with a new design and scenario to make the training experience more user-friendly. This training is in line with the latest CSSF requirements and is divided into several training modules that cover all the elements mentioned below.

The knowledge test at the end of the course verifies whether the learner has understood all the important topics and provides a certificate of completion after validation. In practice, the learner will play the role of an intergalactic regulatory inspector who has been contacted to resolve breaches of anti-money laundering legislation. During this journey, he will learn all the necessary information related to the fight against money laundering.

At the end of this eLearning you will be able to:

  • Understand the importance of AML/CTF
  • Summarise the key objectives and principles of AML/CTF regulation
  • Understand the related professional obligations
  • Understand the concepts of money laundering and terrorist financing Understand the different steps in the fight against money laundering and terrorist financing
  • Use a risk analysis approach before and during business transactions using indicators


1. Introduction

  • Background and objectives
  • New AML/CFT regulation
  • Key principles of the regulation
  • Money laundering
  • Terrorist financing

2. AML compliance standards

  • AML/CFT and risk-based approach
  • Adequate internal organisation
  • Ongoing monitoring of business relationships
  • Mandatory cooperation with authorities

3. Due diligence

  • Introduction to due diligence process and standard due diligence (KYT, KYA, classification and procedures, etc.)
  • Enhanced due diligence, including politically exposed persons (PEP) (sanction lists, high risk classification, etc.)

4. AML/CTF obligations for funds (Optional module)

  • Introduction to funds
  • MFIs, TA AML/CTF obligations
  • Monitoring function
  • Client identification
  • Transaction monitoring
  • Continuous name checking
  • Reporting

5. Knowledge test

  • Random selection from a set of questions.

Pädagogische Methoden

DLearn offers a dynamic approach to digital learning:

  • All sessions are modular and easy to customize to perfectly fit your needs
  • The units (maximum 15 minutes) are incorporated in an interactive storyline.


At the end of this eLearning, the learner will be evaluated on the topic via a knowledge check.

Zertifikat, Diplom

Our AMLV eLearning is part of our CSSF MiFID II training program. An official certificate will be delivered upon validation.

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All our eLearnings are customizable for any industry.

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