Anti Money Laundering & Counter-Terrorist Financing (AML & CTF) - Foundation Level

Formation intra-entreprise

À qui s'adresse la formation?

  • Junior AML and Compliance Officers of banks and financial institutions
  • Relationship Managers in contact with the customers, Risk Managers and Internal Auditors
  • Junior Officers dealing with these matters at a supervisory level


34,00 heure(s)

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The overview of European standards and of Luxembourg AML/CTF laws and regulations

  • Stages and methods of money laundering
  • Develop money laundering techniques
  • Understand the concepts of simplified, normal and enhanced due diligence


  • Money Laundering steps & Terrorism Financing funding
  • The fight against ML & TF at international level:
    • FATF
    • Other international bodies
    • EU directives
  • The role of the financial institutions in the fight against ML & TF
  • The professional obligations of the financial institutions:
    • The obligation to customer due diligence measures
    • Identification of customer
    • Identification of beneficial owner
    • Identification of the relationship
    • Monitoring of the transaction
    • Enhanced & simplified due diligence
    • Reliance on third parties
  • The obligation to cooperate with the authorities
    • Cooperation on demand
    • Cooperation on own initiative
    • Transmission of information
    • Prohibition against informing the customer
    • Prohibition against carrying out a suspect transaction
  • The obligation to have an appropriate internal organisation: Implementation of AMLPrograms
  • Case studies throughout the programme
  • Lecture on the risk based approach in the Luxembourg fund industry
  • Examination: Written examination based on a Multiple Choice Questionnaire

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