Managing conflict in virtual teams

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Everyone who needs to overcome the challenges of virtual team conflicts, enabling participants to deal with conflicts confidently and successfully.

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A virtual work environment can easily change a simple task-based misunderstanding into a person to person conflict. As an experienced communicator you’re aware that non-verbal communication is a great empathy builder. Deprived of face-to-face communication, behaviours are magnified, intentions are misread and opinions are formed.

  • Recognize the warning signs of conflict in virtual environment
  • Reflect on your personal approach to dealing with stress and conflict
  • Apply various tools and techniques to prevent and resolve conflicts in a virtual environment
  • Apply the skills and techniques to real situations


  • Recognizing the signs of fight or flee behavior in a virtual environment
  • Developing active listening skills for interacting appropriately within a virtual communication environment
  • Understanding and increasing the level of commitment each team member has to the team/organizational goals and to each other
  • Articulating clearly what is happening for us in conflict and our paths to action
  • Building a safe, virtual environment for sharing information (including bad news)
  • Managing yourself and others when in conflict in a virtual environment

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