Labour law: work contracts (C3003)

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Anyone working in Human Resources, fiduciaries, law offices, etc. Persons who want to be aware of rights and responsibilities of employees and employers in this area, such as employee representatives, etc. Legal experts with foreign education backgrounds seeking to familiarise themselves with Luxembourg law.


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  • Distinguish between the various types of work contracts: CDD, CDI and others.
  • Be able to prepare a CDD and CDI work contract.
  • Understand all the rules in the area of CDD temporary contracts and other temporary employment contracts.
  • Master the rules relating to trial periods.
  • Know how to manage the various events that could arise during contract periods, such as modifications, illness and other events.
  • Master the procedures and consequences of dismissals and resignations, to include reasons, disputes, process and unemployment.
  • Understand the reasons for automatic termination of contracts: retirement, bankruptcy, long-term illnesses and others.


  • Presentation. Introduction. Definition of a work contract.
  • Fixed-term work contracts.
  • Temporary work relationships. Concluding work contracts: content.
  • Trial periods.
  • Changes of terms of work. Liability with regard to company risks.
  • Employee illnesses.
  • Dismissal with advance notice.
  • Dismissal on serious grounds. Collective layoffs.
  • Resignations. Other reasons for suspending work contracts.
  • Obligations of parties after suspension of work relationships. General review.

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