How to establish and deliver a commercial business plan (C4020) - blended learning

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Everyone who wants to get an understanding of how a business strategy is build, and how to establish, deliver and implement a commercial business plan in practice.


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  • Identify the strategic objectives within a commercial environment, and conduct external and internal analysis.
  • Define business objectives, and establish and implement a commercial business plan.
  • Implement a commercial budgeting process, and learn how to measure results.
  • Establish, implement and measure a yearly commercial action plan, including marketing, sales, communication and finance.
  • Improve your personal analytical and entrepreneurial skills.
  • Develop personal commercial leadership skills in a competitive environment.


  • Define participants' expectations and get a deep understanding of what a strategy is in a business environment.
  • Learn to use in your daily work environment different types of strategic analysis methods.
  • Case study on the implementation of a business strategy.
  • Get a deep understanding of commercial strategy, from the market to the customer.
  • Case study on the implementation of a commercial strategy.
  • How to define realistic business objectives, budgeteer, and choose the appropriate sales and marketing channel.
  • How to deliver a commercial business plan, and define a yearly action plan.
  • Case study on the delivery of a commercial business plan, and the yearly action plan.
  • How to implement and to measure your commercial business plan in a result oriented work environment.
  • Exam.

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