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  • Three years experience in the financial services industry either/or an undergraduate or graduate degree in Finance, Economics, Business or Law from an accredited university, college or school
  • Continuous Education: 3 hours of related financial training every year


This program is designed to offer best practice techniques in Risk Management. Through case studies and exercises, delegates will learn and develop the key skills required to identify critical risk elements in banking. In addition, they will be exposed to the advanced methods for mitigating and managing such risks and how to use these within their working environment.


An Introduction to Risk Management

  • What is risk and why worry about it?
  • What are the key risk types?
  • The evolution if risk management thinking
  • Risk principles
  • Overview of current and future risk management issues
  • Enterprise-wide risk management
  • Integrated and holistic risk management principles
  • Application and implementation within an organization
  • The risk culture versus the risk process

Risk Exposures and Major Categories

  • Categories of Risk
  • Market risk management and market influences
  • Liquidity and volatility
  • Interest rates
  • Foreign exchange
  • Operational risk
  • Liquidity risk
  • Solvency risk

Tools for Identification and Management

  • Value at Risk (VaR) – calculation and use
  • The concept of hedging
  • Use of synthetics and markets
  • Portfolio management as a risk tool
  • Street testing
  • Risk models discussion and overview

Operational Risk Management

  • Basel and the development of operational risk
  • The three pillars of management
  • Capital allocation for operational risk management techniques
  • Capital allocation models
  • Monitoring operational risk
  • Quantifying operational risk
  • Data issues and knowledge management

Strategic Risk Management

  • The families of risk
  • Strategic versus operational, versus tactical risk
  • Understanding and applying risk management within your organization

Political and Sovereign Risk

  • What are these risks and how do they manifest?
  • Why monitor this risk?
  • Measuring political and sovereign risk
  • Practical effects of political and sovereign risk
  • International implication of risk management

Risk Linkages And Value Added

  • Broad corporate, enterprise and market risk factors that impact operations, governance and compliance requirements
  • Business continuity management
  • Quality management
  • Corporate governance
  • Compliance

Identifying and Implementing Risk Standards

  • Risk, reward and regret
  • The gulf between data and wisdom
  • Review of world standards – Australia, UK, Europe, USA, and other global standards

Points abordés

  • Risk management
  • Risk Analysis
  • Risk assessment
  • Risk mitigation

Certificat, diplôme

Certificate of achievement

Mode d'organisation

  • 10 hours of virtual meetings with the instructor
  • 50 hours of self study including articles and presentations
  • Full lifetime access to learning material
  • Online examination
  • Certificate of achievement

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Roy Siddhartha
Clearing and Treasury Risk Consultant

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