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  • Three years experience in the financial services industry either/or an undergraduate or graduate degree in Finance, Economics, Business or Law from an accredited university, college or school.
  • Continuous Education: 3 hours of related financial training every year.


What and why are we fighting? A general overview of the domestic and transnational nature of the crime, financial crime and the destabilization it is having on localities and nations and their people. Also a discussion of economic friction and the role it works in our favor as well as a countercurrent to our objectives.



  • What and why are we fighting?
  • What is Money Laundering
  • How it works

About crime
A general overview of the domestic and transnational nature of the crime, financial crime and real-life examples of how it can impact on nations and their people.

  • International issues including how much, where, how and why?
  • International expectations of how to identify and prevent Money Laundering and Countering

Customer Due Diligence (CDD) and Enhanced Due Diligence (EDD)

  • Beneficial ownership, domestic and international
  • Politically Exposed Persons aka PEPs
  • Non-residents
  • Not-for-profit, Non-governmental organizations
  • Third-party reliance
  • AML/CTF programs

Ethics, Compliance and Governance Perspectives
Internal compliance compass is as important as supervising authorities’ demands. How can you develop such an organization wide roadmap?

  • Ethics
  • Compliance
  • Governance

Terrorist Financing (CTF)

  • The Financial Action Task Force, regional and country reports
  • The European Fourth and Fifth Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Directives
  • Regulations. Law and Law Enforcement in the European Union / United Kingdom

Codes and Corporate Compliance Systems
Regional and International applications around successful compliance systems. Benefits organizations enjoy both monetary and non monetary values.

Money Laundering
Money Laundering Insights; global trends and facts about growing Money Laundering cases around the globe.

Points abordés

  • Due diligence
  • Financial crime
  • Risk
  • Anti-money laundering

Certificat, diplôme

Certificate of achievement

Mode d'organisation

  • 10 hours of virtual meetings with the instructor
  • 50 hours of self study including articles and presentations
  • Full lifetime access to learning material
  • Online Examination
  • Certificate of achievement

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Mark Outhwaite
ESG expert, AML/ prevention of financial crime, trainer

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