AI and Biometrics: the new normal

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Hardly any technology has been developed as rapidly as biometrics in the recent AI revolution. Face, fingerprint and iris detection are routinely integrated in mobile devices and enable a fast and secure authentication. They also ensure more convenient processing at European and international borders.

This introductory course gives an overview of the most common technologies, challenges surrounding GDPR and data privacy and outline the most common applications of biometrics in authentication, access control, border security, financial services, and beyond.

Our lead experts Andreas Braun and Serge Hanssens have developed this training module as a quick primer to get up to speed on the topic, outlining opportunities and challenges of this far-reaching technology.

By the end of this course participants will:

  • have insight on the most relevant vocabulary surrounding biometrics
  • get a quick view on the recent history of the technology
  • identify opportunities and challenges
  • consider application of biometrics in their business


The module covers the following:

  • Overview of the biometrics history
  • Biometric vocabulary and the most common technologies in use (face, iris, fingerprint, voice, etc.).
  • Comparison of biometrics and uses cases
  • Performance and security
  • Privacy by default
  • How to leverage biometrics in organisations

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Informations supplémentaires

Serge Hanssens, Partner in Luxembourg PwC Advisory practice, leads the smart identity solutions for our clients.

With more than 20 years of consultant experience, Serge has developed an expertise in modelling, engineering and designing organisations and systems to enhance our client’s customer experience.

Dr. Andreas Braun, Director in Advisory practice, joined PwC Luxembourg in 2018 and is an expert in biometrics and artificial intelligence.

Prior to joining PwC, he was group leader at a leading research institution, focusing on biometrics, AI, and IoT. He has been a university lecturer, authored more than 100 scientific publications and holds several patents

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