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Agréé par l'arrêté ministériel du 7 mai 2015

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Accompagnement - Coaching, Bilan de compétences, Conseil en management et organisation, Conseil et service en formation

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Allemagne, Belgique, France, Luxembourg (Toutes régions)

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Why Luxembourg School of Business Executive Education?

In today's competitive business environment, human capital provides a true sustainable competitive advantage. Indeed, investing in your people increases their individual, as well as your organization’s collective capabilities and competitiveness.

Luxembourg School of Business currently offers a weekend MBA, a full time Master in Management and Executive Education programs.

MBA programs

The Week-end MBA

The Weekend-MBA Program at LSB is designed for professionals working full-time. It is a two-year part-time program providing participants with the hard knowledge and soft skills in management and business that are needed in a rapidly changing complex global business environment. Pursuing the Weekend-MBA requires a considerable effort from participants. However, the MBA continues to be one of the most sought after graduate degrees, primarily because of its ability to prepare you to tackle an almost limitless number of management, organizational, and leadership challenges. In short: the Weekend-MBA Program allows you to advance your career by means of top quality education all the while continuing your career.

Master programs

The Master in Management

The Master in Management at LSB prepares students for a variety of career paths across different industries. Students will be able to work in a wide range of functional areas, such as project management, finance, marketing, operations and many more. The Master in Management is a 24-month-long full time program, including a 6-month internship. It is dedicated to Bachelor students willing to complete their Master's degree and find their first job in Luxembourg. The classes take place from Monday to Friday. Students are required to earn 120 ECTS credits in order to graduate from the program.

Executive Education

There are several types of Executive Education programs:

Open Enrolment Executive Education Program

These workshops and seminars are organized on an ongoing basis throughout the year. They cover a very broad range of topics and are designed to improve participant’s specific capabilities and competencies. These programs are time and cost-efficient, and allow companies to train individuals or entire teams in topics relating to their everyday work.

Senior Leadership team development program

These are a series of development workshops aimed at C-Suite leaders who face various challenges in leading an organisation. They are taught by highly qualified and skilled practitioners.

Keynote Speakers

We have a very diverse faculty; our team of international experts are available to deliver workshops or facilitate as keynote speakers at in-house company events.

Customized Program

Company-specific programs take organizational learning to a new level. LSB faculty members work with you on designing organization-wide learning programs which are targeted at enabling the implementation of your organization’s policies and strategy.

Méthodes pédagogiques

Luxembourg School of Business (LSB) was created in 2014 to provide, promote and advance top quality high-level international business education.

The School was created by a group of academics with a strong entrepreneurial background and a successful track record of creating internationally accredited (AACSB) business schools.

The Luxembourg School of Business has been recently accredited by the Luxembourg ministry of Higher Education.

Domaines de formation

Commerce, Vente, Horeca
Communication, Multimédia
Développement personnel et professionnel
Finance, Assurance, Droit
Commerce international
Gestion d’entreprise, Ressources humaines
Ingénierie formation pédagogie
Ressources humaines

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