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Live and Act Better at Work

6 heure(s)

6 sessions of 60 min. each


  • Professional environment, competitive challenges, change management
  • Supporting your colleagues, developing their skills, talents, resources and ensuring their well-being for better performance and easier integration of business requirements

My experience, 15 years in HR Management and my practice of Sophrology at Work for new perspectives for the company and individuals, improving the individual life quality at work; preserving the health capital of each.

  • Better knowledge about our inner resources and our strengths.
  • Motivation and Performance.
  • Team spirit and productivity.
  • Group cohesion.
  • Adaptability, flexibility, mobility.
  • Positive approach of changes.
  • Creativity development


  • Motivation, activating our personal resources
  • Group Cohesion, active listening, verbal communication; emotional distance and relativism
  • Flexibility, mobility, integrating concepts in the group, for myself
  • Team spirit, qualitative productivity; Stress identification, anticipation, management; understand, achieve the objectives
  • Changes, the positive aspects; developing my creativity
Méthodes pédagogiques

6 sessions, 60 min. (2 sessions for 1 part)

  • 1st part – Motivation, group cohesion
  • 2nd part – Flexibility, Mobility, Team spirit
  • 3rd part – Positive Changes and Creativity

Public cible

A qui s'adresse la formation?





Méthodes d'évaluation

Discussions and questions from participants at the end of each session

Certificat, diplôme

Attendance certificate sent after completing the training

Informations supplémentaires

Your needs and objectives, Groups defined by yourself.

Co-funding of trainings

Private sector companies, that are legally based in Luxembourg and that carry out their activities mainly there, can obtain training support worth 15% (taxable) of the sum invested annually.
The State's financial contribution increases to 20% (taxable) for participants' salary expenses if the following criteria are met on the date on which the training plan starts either no recognised diploma and less than 10 years' seniority, or aged over 45.

Le contenu de ce descriptif de formation est de la seule responsabilité de son auteur, l'organisme de formation Cap sur la Sophrologie, HR Consulting, Training, Coaching .

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Niveau Débutant
Organisation Formation intra-entreprise
  • Sessions held at the company premises.
  • Possibility of one-to-one sessions upon request.
Langues de prestation
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