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Matrix Consulting  S.à r.l.

Über uns

Why choose Matrix?

Matrix is a hub. It is a company that brings together a team of like-minded, highly skilled professionals from a number of intersecting fields. We are the company of the future; small, flexible and able to grow numbers and bench-strength overnight; we can address your current needs and plan for potential needs in the foreseeable future. You get, and only pay for, high quality without extra overhead.

We are a woman owned and managed small business that prides itself on gender balance. We use the latest tried and true techniques, with a unique spin that fits the character and needs of our clients.

We are facilitators, consultants, trainers, managers, administrators, planners, serious gamers and designers. We are independent but interlinked to give you the most amazing and satisfying customer experience you have ever had.

Our focus is on our clients and to support them in achieving their goals
To create a motivated performance culture with all of our clients whether it is with training, coaching or consultancy

These principles inform every aspect of our work and guide our conduct:

  • Trust – we work from a place of trust and instill it in our services and partners
  • Integrity – we have integrity in all aspects of our work and collaboration with our clients
  • Fair-play – we work to create an environment that performs but with fairness
  • Respect – Respect the whole person and believe that they are capable in achieving their potential
  • Collaboration – we foster quality working relationships whether in partnerships or with clients
  • Engagement – we promote the voice of the people and engage them through empowerment
  • Development – we work from a space of development looking to support our clients through our matrix network and enhance our own knowledge with new methodologies
  • Sustainability – we look to leave a positive legacy in all of our work and create long lasting relationships

In order to consistently produce high quality results, our approach emphasizes:

  • Make a connection - with yourself and your team, know who you are, how you communicate and how you do things. We look at what impact you are making on your environment.
  • Act mindful from a cultural aspect – we use Assumption and Emotional Intelligence work to see how culture can effect motivation and enhance it.
  • Take control over your passion - Understanding what you and your team enjoy about working together. Being in control of your choices instead of reacting to situations and seeing how you can move forward and make a difference to who you are working with whether it be in your personal circle, internal teams or clients.
  • Respect the whole person - Identify values – personal values as well as values at work – this is a key to eliminating stress when values can be aligned to the business values.
  • Inspire your people - Knowing how to lead and motivate your team will create a productive culture and help achieve goals.
  • Explore their potential - Get the whole team together and explore their dreams and potential. Open up their possibilities whether it is for individuals, executives or in Teams.

Our Team
We are quality professionals who have a shared approach in coaching, training, consultancy and assessments.

Pädagogische Methoden

  • Team Coaching
  • Performance Coaching
  • Training and Development Consultancy
  • Experiential Training
  • Sustainable Leadership
  • Systemic Coaching
  • Relationship Coaching


  • Banken, Versicherungen
  • Persönliche und berufliche Entwicklung
  • Humanressourcen
  • Unternehmensleitung
  • Körperliche Betätigung und Sport

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Tätigkeiten im Zusammenhang mit der Weiterbildung

  • Beratung in Sachen Management und Organisation
  • Betreuung - Coaching
  • Beratung und Dienstleistungen in Sachen Weiterbildung
  • Kompetenzbilanz

Einige Zahlen

  • Beginn der Weiterbildungstätigkeit: 1999
  • 2 Gelegentliche(r) Weiterbildner
  • 1 Ständige(r) Weiterbildner
  • 10 Weiterbildung(en) auf diesem Portal

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Aktiver Bereich Allemagne
E-Mail virginia.anderson@matrix.lu
Tel. +352 661 493 299
Adresse 36, rue Basse
L-6670 Mertert
Sprachen Englisch
Organisation Alternierende Ausbildung, Conference, e-learning, Unternehmensinterne Weiterbildung
Art Maßgeschneiderte Weiterbildung
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