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Hofstede Insights Luxembourg-Belgium  S.à r.l.

Qui sommes-nous?

We are a boutique, highly specialized consulting and training company active in the field of culture.

We are passionate about using inter-cultural management and organizational culture as management tools to help you optimize the performance of your organization.
We are part of Hofstede Insights, a global network of consultants. Building on the power of this network, we are able to support any needs you may have locally as well as globally in the field of intercultural management and organizational culture.

We offer training as well as coaching in Intercultural Competency Development and Intercultural Management.

Our training is based on the 6D Framework developed by Prof. Emeritus Geert Hofstede. Prof. Hofstede was listed as one of the TOP 20 influential business thinkers by the Wall Street Journal. His framework has been continuously re-validated over a 40-year time frame by more than 60 independent academic studies. More info on our website.

Our expertise consists in the application of this academic framework in various aspects of everyday business life as well as personal life.

Some examples:

  • International Business Development. See our book "Negotiate like a local: 7 Mindsets to increase your Success Rate in International Business"
  • Management of diverse teams
  • Diplomacy
  • Leadership
  • Team management
  • Organisational design
  • Design of culturally appropriate incentive schemes
  • Refugee integration
  • ...

By using our training, you will learn a "language" which allows you to lift intercultural challenges out of the emotional domain and render them much more tangible and therefore more easily manageable.

Méthodes pédagogiques

  • Interactive group training
  • Personalised coaching
  • Intercultural problem solving

Domaines de formation

  • Action sociale
  • Développement personnel et professionnel
  • Commerce
  • Gestion commerciale
  • Commerce international
  • Ressources humaines
  • Communication information
  • Sciences humaines

Pour plus d'informations sur les domaines de formation, consultez le lexique

Activités liées à la formation

  • Accompagnement - Coaching
  • Formation initiale
  • Conseil en management et organisation

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E-mail tatjana.vonbonkewitz@hofstede-insights.com
Tél. +352 621 320 020
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