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Offreur de la semaine du 17/08/2020 au 23/08/2020

With over 20 years of experience, MindForest is a consulting and training company specialised in all topics related to change management.
The combination of our expertise in change management and soft skills makes us the right partner to accompany you no matter the challenge and/or need for new competencies:

  • strategy activation
  • cultural change
  • employee engagement
  • process optimisation
  • digitalisation and innovation

MindForest places the human at the centre of its activities, not only by putting special emphasis on the social and cultural aspects, but also by highlighting relevant and essential factors such as engagement, values, communication, emotions, skills and creativity.

We challenge and TRAIN

Whether it is in connection with a larger project or ad hoc trainings, MindForest listens to your needs to find the right solution. For all our training packages and tailor-made solutions, our trainers always add a personal and memorable touch.
Here are a few of our new training ideas that have increased in popularity during 2020:

Our Digital Pro Workshops (on and offline) with a special emphasis on Remote Work:
The workshops can take place both on and offline to suit your needs and availability:

  • Your Digital Strategy
  • Managerial Experience focussed on leading teams at distance
  • Internal Communication when working remotely
  • Dealing with hyper-connectivity and communication overflow
  • Engaging and motivating your employees at distance
  • Best practices for setting up a remote and digital work culture
  • Onboarding methods for new remote employees

For more information check out our article on creating a Digital Pro Mindset on our website.

Personal Growth through MBTI and Coaching
Regardless of position or starting point, it has become crucial to continuously develop on a personal and professional level. This is why MindForest has put together programs to get to know yourself and your team better:

  • MBTI Profile assessment with personal validation to better understand your personality and preferred behaviours
  • MBTI Team Building Day to boost your teamwork as you gain a better understanding of your own and your colleagues’ preferences
  • MBTI Profile assessment and Coaching to help you take your personal and professional development further; first by understanding yourself better, before setting achievable yet challenging goals to move forward on your chosen path


As we focus on the human factor, we will be able to change the way you work and motivate your employees to move beyond their comfort zone.

We communicate VISUALLY

We will help you to create messages, which your employees can easily understand and assimilate. Whether this takes the form of an infographic, animation, method card or a video, we can provide you with the right personalized approach through-out your project.

Let us guide and support you in the implementation of such solutions and trainings to meet your specific needs:

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