Warehouse management (C7001)

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Anyone preparing to take up a position as stock manager, order pickers or wishing to enter a goods reception service or a quality insurance service.


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Successful completion of the module "Overview on the logistics sector" (C7000E) or proof of equivalent certified knowledge.


  • Define the concept of stock and storage.
  • Know the characteristics of a warehouse and the layout and the organization specificities: the various spaces, activities, the issues faced by each warehouse sections, etc.
  • Understand the actions carried out in warehouses areas and challenges of coordination between employees, be aware of the positive impact of a good.
  • Understand the main tools and methods used in inventory management.
  • Understand the common criteria and indicators to optimize supply planning and reduce storage costs
  • Know the products specificities and handle products with regards of their specificities and the constraints.
  • Get to know the regulatory constraints, and implement them accurately.
  • Use the English and French specific vocabulary.


  • Specification of physical and information flows, as well as recognition of the types of flows (pushed, pulled, stretched, just in time).
  • Managing flows and associated tools to master planning and implementation.
  • Presentation of the actions carried out at each storage steps and the external constraints that can be encountered during an arrangement: controls / diagnostics / repairs / dismantling / follow-up / maintenance / etc.
  • Master all the factors necessary to develop and optimize a logistics chain; Prices - costs / timeframe / flexibility / level of service / risks / potential of progress.
  • Presentation of the different means of transport with their specificities: road / rail / inland waterways / maritime transport / air transport.
  • Distinction of the logistics activities concerning the flows: design / supply / manufacture / packaging / packaging, grouping and unbundling / storage / displacement.
  • Supply Chain concept and components.
  • Concept of a dashboard, measure and drive performance based on all the tools for improvement and development.
  • Identification of the objectives of a scoreboard and accurate indicators.
  • Devoted to the summary and the exercises to prepare the exam.

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