Transition to management (C5029)

Formation inter-entreprise

À qui s'adresse la formation?

Anyone wishing to make the transition to a management position, looking to prepare for team management or wanting to improve the skills in this area.


23,00 heure(s)

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  • Define and identify the various forms of management.
  • Define the role to be assumed by the manager of today according to the organization of the company.
  • Become aware of the manager's power zone.
  • Identify and implement management specific functions and tasks: to set objectives, to organize the work, to delegate, etc.
  • Use the tools and basic managerial techniques.
  • Influence team dynamics.
  • Build and managea teamon a daily basis.


  • Coordination and control:
    • Presentation of the two main tasks of a team manager, taking into account the different stakeholders.
  • The different actors:
    • How to design a project taking into account the interests of the various players in the team.
  • The individual and the values. Part 1:
    • The human and professional qualities of the people part of a team as a source of performance.
  • The individual and the values. Part 2:
    • To show how the diversity of values constitutes a formidable asset for the company.
  • Personality of the individual and teamwork:
    • How to improve the performance of the team through the valorization of individuals.
  • Exercising power:
    • Exercise power with legitimacy and efficiency while avoiding certain drifts.
  • Motivate your teams:
    • Description of the main managerial methods allowing to better motivate the team.
  • The leadership:
    • Presentation of different methods which allow to carry the support of the team members during a project
  • Decide. Part 1:
    • The main decision-making models and the different stages of the decision-making process.
  • Decide. Part 2:
    • Entrepreneurship and decision-making.

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