Together building stress resilience within the team (S-BE0027)

Formation inter-entreprise

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Teams whose members are willing to counteract stress with united, selfdirected mindful action.


16,00 heure(s)

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Noticing stressors of the individual and the team early on. Understanding and practicing countermeasures on individual and team level. Probing into possibilities of mutual support.


  • Personal stress-check: which are my typical / current traps?
  • Team-check: what works well / where is danger of stress?
  • Mindfulness practices tailor made for this team.
  • Attention, empathy, connection, relaxation.
  • Mindful Listening.
  • Mindful methods of decision-taking in the team.
  • Impulses for creativity and problem solving within the team.
  • Info from neuro-sciences: Why does that all work?

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