The customs clearance (in a post-Brexit world) (C7005) - distance learning

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Anyone willing to acquire knowledge and develop skills on the management of import or export operations (technical, administrative, commercial, legal, human, financial aspects).


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  • Understanding the Customs (role and process).
  • Mastering the fundaments of Incoterms.
  • Using the Incoterms® properly, by mastering their advantages and limits.
  • Understanding the main components of an (export or import) customs declaration.
  • Determining the fundamental triangle Code-Origin-Value.
  • Choosing the right customs status for the exported/imported goods.
  • Choosing the appropriate customs procedure.
  • Understanding the main export/import documents.


  • Customs: what is it? when is it? what's it for? Here are the need-to-know basics.
  • Incoterms® / part 1 - the basics: the survival kit for novice exporters.
  • Incoterms® / part 2 - follow-up exercises: analysing the situation, potential issues & avoid the pitfalls.
  • Customs declaration / part 1: Understanding/completing the key-triangle Code-Origin-Value.
  • Customs declaration / part 2: Which customs status for your product?
  • Customs declaration / part 3: Which customs procedure choose & why?
  • Export / import documents checklist: so many documents, so different and still, so necessary. Understanding and using them properly.
  • Continuous assessment.
  • Which customs status-es for your company?: Which difference with the product's customs status? What is that for? The main possibilities (AEO, REX, AE)? How to request it/them?
  • Wrap-up session & getting prepared to the final exam.

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