Stock Trading for Traders (level 3: advanced)

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It is strongly recommended to have completed Stock Trading for Traders (level 1: basics) and Stock Trading for Traders (level 2: intermediate) prior to attending this level 3 course.


This two day interactive course is the third level of a 7-day programme split into 4 levels, dedicated to the community of professional traders of financial instruments.

So far, we have looked at some of the basic theories behind technical analysis and the way prices move on charts; we’ve also discussed support and resistance and how they impact the price; and looked at trendlines and other lines that also can be seen to affect, or be caused by, the way prices move. This module looks at the actual shape of the price curves on the chart, and how this can tell us more about future price behavior

Next steps:

Once you have completed this level 3 course, it is recommended to complete the programme by attending the last level Stock Trading for Traders (level 4: assessment).

  • Determine the factors and indicators to be considered in assessing market predictability
  • Visualisepatterns or formations that provide an early indication of market movements
  • Spot the signs of trend reversal to reverse your trade position
  • Discover the areas of strong buy & strong sell through supply & demand trading
  • Mathematical tools to understand retracements and reversals
  • Learn to controlthe power of emotions influencinga losing or winning trade


  • Elliot waves and cycles
  • Continuation patterns
  • Fibonacci retracement
  • Trading tactics
  • Diversification in the market
  • Psycho trading - You against yourself
  • Traders toolkit
  • Reversal and continuation patterns
  • Supply Vs Demand
  • Identifying a reversal
  • Trend markets & Turbulence markets
  • Hedging and Hedge funds
  • Futures, Forwards and Options
  • Hedging risks and capitalising on profits
  • Interactive exercise


Upon completion of levels 1, 2 and 3, you are invited to complete the  level 4 assessment .

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