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PE Foundation course is composed of 4 sessions.

  • Session 1 focuses on private markets, the different strategies, value chain, ecosystem and economics.
  • The 2nd session focuses on the three dimensions of private markets investing, which will include concepts like liquidity, returns, risks, costs and benchmarking.
  • In the 3rd session we will look into the asset allocation through different perspectives and approaches.
  • The last session focuses on fundraising and marketing and will include information on the sources of funding, strategies, documentation, due diligence etc.


Session 1: Private markets
  • Definitions
  • Private equity, private debt, private real assets: strategies and instruments
  • The private equity value chain
  • Levels of intermediation: direct/co-investments, funds and funds of funds
  • Funds, fund managers and ecosystem
  • Functioning of a fund manager
  • Economics
  • Current debates: reputation, clichés and reality
Session 2: The three dimensions of private markets investing
  • Liquidity: measurements and constraints
  • Returns: measurements (IRR, MOIC, PME), comparison, dynamics and interpretation
  • Risks and costs: measurements and limits
  • Benchmarking: data sources, quartiles and limits
  • Current debates: lines of credit, cost of unused capital
Session 3: Asset allocation and private markets
  • Perspective on private markets: volumes, evolution, regions and strategies
  • Setting up a portfolio
  • Top-down and bottom-up approaches
  • Illustration with real portfolios
  • Current debates: numerator and denominator effects
Session 4: Fundraising and marketing
  • Sources of funding - the LP universe
  • Fund marketing strategy and the use of placement agents
  • Documentation and due diligence
  • Fund marketing and investor relations
  • Most frequent terms
  • Legal aspects and the effects of regulation on the marketing strategy

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Online sessions with Q&A.

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Certificate of completion & CPD points.

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