Preparing for Multiple Futures

Blended learning

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  • Professionals with a similar level of responsibility

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7,50 heure(s)

90-minute virtual peer coaching sessions - one per month for 5 months.

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The future of business is ambiguous and unpredictable; agility will determine success. Being prepared for one scenario is no longer enough.


Take part in meaningful conversations and develop honest human relationships through guided joint reflection and brainstorming. Participants acquire deep learnings that would not be available otherwise, sharing them with their professional environment and creating breakthroughs for the whole organisation.

Points abordés

  • 1. Candid Conversations: People have to be willing to speak up in case of a problem. Learn how to enable candid conversations.
  • 2. Friendly Consulting: Create a structured and supportive environment to nurture feedback, insight, and advice between colleagues.
  • 3. The Rewards of Recognition: Appreciate the importance of recognition and implement it with the right frequency and effectiveness.
  • 4. Developing the Organisation as a Community: How to transform the organisation from a collection of human resources to a community of human beings?
  • 5. From Feedback to Feedforward: Feedback focuses on the past, feedforward explores future opportunities in a dynamic way.

Méthodes pédagogiques

  • Groups of 4 to 5 participants from different companies, with a similar level of responsibility.
  • Guided discussions on leadership topics.

Certificat, diplôme

Certified Leadership Program

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