Personal Agility – How to adapt and manage in a changing environment

Formation inter-entreprise

À qui s'adresse la formation?

  • Managers
  • Team Leaders
  • Project Managers

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3,50 heure(s)

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All attendees need to take an Agil'OA assessment before the workshop


The purpose of this workshop will help persons and managers develop an understanding of themselves and how agile they are when managing a team or a project. Develop the art of understanding how you and your team acts in a changing environment.

This workshop is based on the Agil’OA work of Jerome Berrand. It focuses on behavioural agility and how we can better work together.


Workshop Outline
  • Introduction
  • Welcome – Expectation Setting
Objectives of the participants

Agenda review

  • Overview- what is Personal Agility?
  • Discussion around what is Personal Agility

Impact of poor personal agility in the workplace – consequences and costs

  • How do you view Personal agility as a Manager?
  • Interactive discussion

Groupwork – Anticipation, Cooperation and Innovation

  • Understand the impact you make as a manager and as a team
  • Group work discussion – overuse and underuse – finding the balance
  • Integration – Application – Case Study on Personal Agility
  • Experiential case study that brings out all agile styles linked to a specific context


Points abordés

At the end of the training the attendees will be able to:

  • Understand themselves and what is their personal agility
  • Understand how they act link to different contexts
  • Be able to identify how cooperative, innovative and how they anticipate in certain contexts
  • Be able to apply their understanding in a work environment

This highly interactive course has been designed to create understanding of our personal agility and help us understand how adapt to changes in our environment. It will help our managers identify potential blockages and help them motivate their teams through change.

Méthodes pédagogiques

This workshop will be an interactive, experiential journey investigating our own personal agility and will help participants be able to identify how they and if they are managing people act link to specific contexts.


Action Plans

Certificat, diplôme

Attendees will receive a certificate of participation