Legal Protection of Trade secret and Know-how

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  • What does trade secrets cover and does not cover?
  • How does the law protect them?
  • How to implement the legal protection?
  • What about the sanction of their misappropriation?


What are trade secrets and know-how? Why are they so valuable and therefore legally protected, and how are they protected? From the secret recipe to the client list, trade secrets and know-how, more commonly referred as Trade secrets are essential tools for businesses and definitely refer to commercially valuable (and not public) assets. This workshop discusses the legal trade secrets protection in a practical manner. It is divided into a theoretical part followed by a case study.

Whether you could not identify your trade secrets or you’re looking to consider whether they are properly protected from a legal perspective, in particular when staff members depart, this session has you covered.

Expert: Jackye Elombo (independent lawyer)

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