Learn To Speak So People Listen (the Board Room)

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9,00 heure(s)

3 x 3h sessions on 3 different days. (there will be a breaks)

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The stated objective jumps right at you right from the title!

Learn to speak so people don’t check their e-mail while you are giving your presentation. Learn to speak so that people not just politely listen, but really listen. Learn the methods and techniques are required to ensure you connect with your audience and land your messages with impact.

Engaging presenters get to promote their ideas and advance their interests and their career. Effective communication is therefore an indispensable skillset to make a difference in the world.

This is public-speaking workshop specifically aimed at presenting in a board-like setting, a semi-formal meeting with an audience of 4 -10 people.

Be they in a Steering Committee, an Executive Committee or at a Board meeting, certain topics require that a technical subject-matter expert be invited to shed light on specific concerns. Presenters who don’t have much experience with such a setting, may get bogged down in details, run over time and miss their opportunity to get across a critically important message. This Workshop will give participants a chance learn how to best prepare for this kind of exercise, to be compelling and persuasive. This is also a helpful overview for any public speaking performance.

  • Learn how to develop a strategy for each presentation to achieve your desired outcome
  • Learn how to develop a compelling message that is fit for purpose; Learn how to speak so everyone listens
  • Learn to deliver your message for maximum effect, they way you intended, every time
  • Learn the principles of persuasion so that you may press key pressure points in your next presentation
  • Develop your reputation and influence within your organisation

With this course you will embark on an exciting journey to become the most effective presenter you can be.







Points abordés

FIND YOUR MESSAGE - understand the factors at play when defining your strategic message - a message that serves your purpose. Techniques in mind mapping and ideation.

DEVELOP YOUR MESSAGE - methods and techniques to make your message irresistible to your audience: opening, closing, structuring, language that sticks

MASTER YOUR DELIVERY - Understand and put to use Non-Verbal Communication, find the optimal delivery that suits your purpose and learn the technique that will ensure you deliver exactly the way planned to. This includes body language and voice. We will also cover the unique challenges of communication in a pandemic - that is in the context of virtual video meetings.

ACE YOUR SLIDES - Understand that visual experience can enhance your message and is at play in your audience's subconscious.

COMMUNICATE THROUGH A SCREEN - Remote working has become an established norm for conducting business. Going forward, we will be communicating and presenting our ideas through a screen more than ever before. We will teach how to set yourself up for success in front of a web-cam too.

Méthodes pédagogiques

We will mix both theory and practice.

Participants will learn by putting into practice what they've learned, but also by giving feedback to others.

Certificat, diplôme

Participants will receive a certificate.