Introduction to non-verbal communication (C5063)

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À qui s'adresse la formation?

Anyone willing to learn the basic mechanisms of non-verbal communication and wishing to understand the impact of non-verbal language in their personal and professional lives as well as to learn how to interpret the non-verbal language of others both in and out of the workplace.


23,00 heure(s)

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  • Evaluate the importance of non-verbal language in the interpersonal communication.
  • Understand your own non-verbal language - what is its impact on others?
  • Read the non-verbal language of the other people: what is its impact on your relationships and goals?
  • Distinguish truth from falsehood using non-verbal communication cues.
  • Analyse body language in all circumstances.
  • Adapt your gestures to different contexts in order to better control your image.
  • Learn how to highlight your personality (clothing, colors etc.) and how to effectively make use of space.


  • Discover non-verbal communication. "What you do says more than what you tell"
  • Learn to observe others. What are the basic gestures to analyse? What are the attitudes to look out for?
  • Learn how to analyse the behaviour of people surrounding you.
  • Learn how to self examine and understand your own body language.
  • Use your body language to influence other people (affirmation of submission, opening or closing oneself to others, showing interest or boredom, well-being or not etc.).
  • Use non-verbal communication to detect all messages not expressed with words etc.
  • Learn how to interpret the choice of colours, clothing worn etc.
  • Practice in reading of non-verbal language on a daily basis.
  • Practice in reading of non-verbal language on a daily basis (following).
  • Revisions and previous sessions overview.

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