HR’s aspects of Mergers and Acquisitions

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  • Understand the importance of the human aspects linked to M&As deals
  • Know how to anticipate and manage HR related challenges before, during and after the deal
  • Develop competencies in the management of M&As


Mergers and acquisitions are organizational strategies companies use to achieve various types of benefits. M&As however always have profound impacts on the employees of both organizations at every level as two organizations attempt to integrate into one.According to many studies, more than 70 percent of all M&As fail to achieve their anticipated objectives. This rate of failure is often attributed to various HR-related factors, such as incompatible cultures or management styles, lack of change management, loss of key talent, lack of communication, lack of visibility on the new structure, dis-engagement, loss of trust and uncertainty of long-term goals.

How an organization prepare for these challenges and manage them before, during and after the transaction has an important impact on the success of the transaction and the ability of the company to achieve its strategy.

Based on concrete cases and exchange of experience the participants will look at the HR aspects to consider when engaging in M&As:

Before the deal:
  • Pre-transaction analysis and budget
  • Anticipating and dealing with management issues
  • Preparing the communication plan and social dialogue
  • Aligning working terms and conditions
During and after the deal:
  • Deploying the communication and transition measures
  • Deploying the new company culture
  • Selecting the new leadership team and designing the new org chart
  • Dealing with the workforce reduction
  • Measuring Employee’s engagement
  • Developing M&A competencies

Expert: Virginie Boyard, Partner (VISTIM S.A.)

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