Executive DBA in Luxembourg

Blended learning

À qui s'adresse la formation?

  • Qualified to MBA level (or equivalent) from a recognized academic institution.
  • 5 years of management experience or equivalent professional experience.

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3,50 année(s)

The Executive DBA is organised over three separate phases, structured to allow participants to defend their thesis within 4 years, the average duration of the theses defended since 2015 being 3.5 years.

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  • Clear proof of a supportive professional and family environment,
  • A high level of motivation and demonstration of a clear understanding of what is required in terms of your learning commitment as a senior executive engaged in a DBA programme,
  • Applicants must also be able to demonstrate, through their CV and/or at interview, that they have satisfactory English communication skills for the field in which they wish to study.


Founded in 2012, the Business Science Institute is a networked international academic institution based in Luxembourg that develops doctoral-level executive education worldwide.

Offered in partnership with the IAELYON School of Management at University of Lyon Jean Moulin 3 in France, the DBA is a unique opportunity to take your career to the next step without compromising your professional obligations. This international and flexible part-time programme allows you to study while progressing in your current role.

The programme is divided into three phases. In phase one, you will complete five in-depth modules (in-person or online) designed to equip you with the skills and knowledge necessary to successfully complete your DBA. Once you have successfully completed this phase, you will move on to phases two and three, where you will focus on writing your thesis

Make an investment in your professional future by embarking on a unique DBA learning journey with the Business Science Institute.

  • Double Degree qualification: Partnership with the public university "iaelyon School of Management - University of Jean Moulin Lyon 3"
  • AMBA accredited (since 2020)
  • 150+ Highly available & engaged international professors!
  • 50+ DBA books by our professors and doctors
  • Responsive and engaged DBA support team
  • International Community
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  • Phase 1 is equally devoted to:
    • Core seminars focusing on the acquisition of knowledge and the methodologies available for research
    • The definition of your thesis topic, which in taking into account your preferences, should emerge over the course of the seminars and your discussions with professors.
  • Phase 2 is devoted to the initial stages in the writing of your thesis, a process that takes place under the supervision of a professor from Business Science Institute’s Scientific Committee.
  • Phase 3 focuses on you writing up the final version of your thesis and the organisation of a mock defence to help you prepare for this important stage in your learning journey. Finally, you will defend your Executive DBA thesis during the Annual International Week held at Château de Wiltz (Luxembourg) during the last week in September. Successful completion of this phase will lead to the award of the Executive DBA by Business Science Institute and the DBA by iaelyon School of Management-University Jean Moulin

The actual duration of the programme will depend on:

  • Your availability and time commitment
  • Your ability to undertake high-level research
  • The quality of your writing skills

Each module is assessed based on the research projects submitted by the doctoral students and their presentations during the seminars. The thesis is evaluated on the basis of the preliminary external examiner reports, the overall quality of the written thesis and the oral defence.

Méthodes pédagogiques

Based on regular one-to-one monitoring of each student by an experienced teacher, as well as a teaching pack and online resources (teaching intranet, access to 12,000 online books).


Validated by an international scientific advisory board made up of more than 150 professors from leading universities and business schools.

Certificat, diplôme

Certificate of Research in Business Administration (Business Science Institute) - Executive DBA (Business Science Institute) - Doctorate in Business Administration (DBA) (IAELYON School of Management - Université Jean Moulin Lyon 3) in France

Mode d'organisation

The Executive DBA (Luxembourg) programme is organised in the form of intensive blocked seminars in Luxembourg (first phase) and mainly in the form of distance learning (second and third phases).

The programme:

  • The first phase consists of five three-day seminars (15 days in total), during which methods and concepts are taught;
  • In the second phase, data is collected under the supervision of a supervising professor, with a two-day impact seminar and three one-day follow-up seminars;
  • In the third phase, the dissertation is written and publicly defended before a panel of professors (2 one-day follow-up seminars per year).

Added to this is the annual participation in the International Seminar (end of September each year) in Luxembourg or Paris or other venues...

Informations supplémentaires

Selection of candidates

Our approach to the selection of candidates at the Business Science Institute is as follows.

There are two types of selection in doctoral programmes:

  • The "pyramid" model where many PhD students are accepted and few graduate, as there are many dropouts.
  • The "tubular" model, where once the PhD student is selected and makes the expected effort, he/she is supported to defend the thesis.
  • At the Business Science Institute we choose the second model. Please note that this does not mean that it is enough to be enrolled to graduate! But a doctoral student who works and knows how to write must be able to reach the end of the process.

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