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This training is designed to empower the Management Company (Manco) with the knowledge, tools, regulations and insights needed to integrate ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) principles into investment decision-making, corporate strategies, and overall operations.

At the end of this training, Manco will be equipped in the following ways:

  • Knowledgeable foundation: Manco will possess a robust understanding of the three ESG pillars, their significance in the investment world, and the broader business ecosystem.
  • Regulatory mastery: Manco will have a clear grasp of ESG-related regulations at both global and regional levels, understanding how to comply with mandatory reporting requirements and avoid non-compliance repercussions.
  • Practical application: Manco will be adept at applying ESG principles to real-world scenarios, from investment decision-making and risk assessment to portfolio construction.
  • Effective communication: Manco will have the skills to communicate their ESG strategies, initiatives, and performance to internal and external stakeholders, fostering trust and aligning interests.
  • Strategic vision: With insights into future ESG trends and potential regulatory shifts, Manco will be poised to proactively adapt their strategies, ensuring resilience and ongoing commitment to ESG principles.
  • Enhanced reputation: Armed with comprehensive ESG knowledge and strategies, Manco will be positioned as a forward-thinking and responsible entity in the eyes of investors, clients, and the broader community.
  • Decision-making framework: Manco will possess a refined framework for evaluating investments and corporate initiatives through an ESG lens, ensuring decisions align with sustainability and ethical considerations.
  • In essence, Manco will be not only well-informed but also adept at practical implementation, ensuring they remain at the forefront of ESG integration in their operations and decision-making processes.


1. Deep dive into ESG's three pillars: Environmental, Social, and Governance.

2. Understand global ESG trends, investor expectations, and case studies.

3. Grasp the regulatory landscape, mandatory reporting, and implications of non-compliance.

4. Integrate ESG into investment decisions, portfolio construction, and risk management.

5. Engage stakeholders, set ESG strategy, anticipate future trends, and ensure ongoing regulatory compliance

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This training is coordinated by Claire Cherpion and Oriane Schoonbroodt, Directors at PwC Luxembourg. Claire focuses on sustainability reporting assurance and consulting. Oriane focuses on providing leadership and C-suite strategy advice on sustainable finance and ESG strategy for clients in financial services, corporations, SME’s and the public sector.

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