Design Thinking Crash Course

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The aim of the workshop is to nurture the innovation potential of a divers group. This is achieved by stimulating visual communication and co-creation behaviour. Design Thinking methods are learned in a hands-on and playful way.

Participants will have experienced key elements in Design Thinking:

  • empathy to understand problems
  • human centered design
  • confidence in their creative ability
  • a method to be co-creative in a playful way and building upon each other ideas
  • validating ideas
  • prototyping in order to fail often in the beginning to be more successful at the end
  • the strength of visual communication
  • the value of presenting achievements in public


Design Thinking is a human centered approach on conceptual thinking where you can turn your ideas into real world projects.

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The training material is in English and most of the communication will happen in English as well.

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