DAC6 (e-learning)


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  • Private banks
  • Custodian banks
  • Asset management structures
  • Life insurance companies

The e-elearning has been designed for employees that are confronted to operational impacts related to DAC6 obligations in their day to day activities.

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Council Directive (EU) 2018/822 amending Directive 2011/16/EU (“DAC6”) impacts the professionals of the financial sector and their clients.

In a tax environment that is becoming more and more transparent, the DAC6 regulation introduces the mandatory exchange of information for reportable cross-border arrangements within the EU.

This regulation requires intermediaries such as banks, asset managers, life insurance companies, advisors to ensure appropriate processes and procedures are in place to identify the potential reportable cross-border arrangements.

In this respect, various hallmarks have been elaborated to assist the intermediaries with the analysis of the potential arrangements falling within the scope of DAC6. Some of the hallmarks should be corroborated with a main benefit test with respect to the tax advantage of the agreement.

Depending on its DAC6 qualification (promoters, service providers, taxpayers) and the other actors involved in the arrangement structures, the concerned market players may have reporting obligations regarding pre-existing and new arrangements.

The e-learning solution will cover the above technical and operational DAC6 elements supported by real-life examples, concluding with a final quiz to provide participants with the must-have insight to understand and anticipate the DAC6 regulation.

By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • understand the key principles of DAC6;
  • explain the purpose and the mechanism of the DAC6 rules and their general impacts;
  • identify the role and the related obligations of their organisation on the DAC6 scene;
  • define and identify a reportable cross-border arrangement under DAC6;
  • detect and escalate potential hallmarks in their daily business;
  • list the main elements to be reported and the associated timeline;
  • understand how to ensure a suitable compliance framework.


  • Context and introduction
  • Concerned market players
  • Scope of reportable cross-border arrangements
  • Hallmarks
  • Reporting obligations
  • Luxembourg implementation
  • Final quiz

This e-learning will include practical examples on operational challenges faced by banks, funds and life insurance companies in Luxembourg

Mode d'organisation

We deploy our e-learning solution as from 10 licences.

  • From 10 to 50 participants: 100 EUR
  • From 51 to 150 participants: 95 EUR
  • From 151 to 300 participants: 80 EUR
  • More than 300 participants: 70 EUR

Informations supplémentaires

This e-learning has been designed with the support of Murielle Filipucci, Partner at PwC Luxembourg.

Murielle Filipucci is a partner in the PwC Luxembourg’s tax practice. With more than 25 years of experience with PwC in international taxation, she is acting today as banking tax leader. She heads a team of 60 professionals specialised in tax consulting and compliance services for the financial services industry including banks, insurance companies, Professionals of the Financial Sector and asset managers.

Murielle also leads the PwC task force focusing on client challenges that result from the automatic exchange of information.

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