ACAMS Certified Global Sanctions Specialist (CGSS) (certified path)

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To register for this course and download the application form, please click on "s'inscrire" (on the right). The applications will have to be validated by ACAMS. Once we receive their approval, we will contact you to inform you of the following steps of registering.

Any incomplete application, with regard to the prerequisites and additional documentation required by the application form, will be rejected by ACAMS within ten weeks of the start of the course.

Prerequisites: CAMS Certification Application Preapproval Form

CGSS Eligibility Calculator

Please take into account the information provided by ACAMS in the Candidate Handbook, especially the section on preparation for the exam.

Given the commercial agreement between the House of Training and ACAMS, any registration for this programme is subject to specific Terms and Conditions of Sale. Indeed, only the full payment of registration fees will validate the enrollment in the programme and will give you access to the course material in PDF format.

Practical arrangements:

  • Access to the Chamber of Commerce parking costs € 1 per hour.
  • Attendance certificates are sent automatically after the training. Success certificates are sent directly by ACAMS to successful candidates.
  • The application deadline is 4 months prior to the start of the training.

CGSS is an ACAMS certification that equips an organisation’s workforce with a credential that represents a serious commitment to compliance with sanctions, in a world of increasingly complex laws, regulations, and policies. CGSS is global, allowing multinational institutions to strategically and uniformly apply the same programme for all global employees.

This course teaches the crucial sanctions principles all compliance staff should understand and will be of value to those new to sanctions compliance, those looking for a refresher, and those in frontline sanctions positions, teaching skills that benefit both new and experienced professionals, especially as regulator and market expectations around sa


  • Introduction and study recommendations
  • Chapter 1: Governance and enforcement
    • Introduction
    • History of sanctions and purpose of sanctions
    • Who imposes sanctions?
    • Who is subject to sanctions?
    • Sanction types
    • Consequences for non-compliance
    • Incorporating sanctions compliance into Compliance programmes, risk assessment, and employee training
  • Chapter 2: Sanctions evasion techniques
    • Evasion methods: common techniques
    • Concealment of beneficial ownership
  • Chapter 3: Sanctions Due Diligence
    • Perform sanctions Due Diligence
  • Chapter 4: Sanctions screening
    • Screening targets
    • Name screening vs. payment screening information technology
    • Regulatory matters
    • Name screening
    • Payment screening
    • Solving name and payment screening challenges
    • Trade activity screening
  • Chapter 5: Sanctions investigations and assets freezing
    • Conducting investigations
    • Reviewing relevant sources of information
    • Identifying and blocking (or freezing) assets
  • Chapter 6: Glossary of terms
  • Chapter 7: Review questions
  • Chapter 8: Guidance documents and reference material

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EN 3150,00€

Classe virtuelle
EN 3150,00€

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At the end of this training programme, participants will sit a 3-hour examination in order to obtain their certificate. This is the official, computer-based ACAMS examination which is organised in a specialised IT examination centre in Luxembourg.
Recognised worldwide by employers in both private industry and government and acknowledged by regulators and examiners, the Certified Global Sanctions Specialist® (CGSS) credential denotes proven knowledge in the international sanctions.

Address of the examination center:

CSL - Chamber of Employees Luxembourg

2-4 rue Pierre Hentges

L-1726 Luxembourg

Practical arrangements:

  • ACAMS will send an email confirmation of registration for the exam.
  • The proposed exam date is part of the registration process with the House of Training. Any request to postpone registration for the examination is the responsibility of the candidate and does not give right to a refund. In such a case, the applicant must contact the examination center in order to reserve a new date and, if appropriate, pay the resulting fees.
  • The examination results are communicated by ACAMS. If unsuccessful, we invite applicants to refer to the Applicant's Handbook or to contact ACAMS to resubmit the exam and pay the resulting fees (not included in the registration fees) .
  • The examination will take place in the morning OR the afternoon of the day indicated. You will be informed, at the latest, one week before the examination of your specific examination slot.
Others Info:

Fees: 3,150 € (+3 % VAT)

Deadline registration: 4 months prior to the beginning of the course.

All courses of this programme are held in English.

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