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We believe that the Covid-19 crisis has demonstrated that "21st Century Leadership vs 20th Century Leadership" has made the difference i.e. a leadership where a realistic, scientific, and strategic approach has prevailed over denial, in the nations managing the crises well. The new normal is where national and business disruption will be caused regularly by – Climate Change, Health, Geo-Politics, New Technology and Governance failures which will lead to Economic emergencies. Every one of them will risk devastating the best laid out plans of both Nations and businesses. While it is impossible to "eliminate" risk, 21st Century Board Leaders will ‘proactively’ mobilize strategies and actions plans to ‘minimize’ risk from a scientific and triple bottom line perspective.

The concept of "21st Century Board Leadership Model"©, which like Strategic Corporate Sustainability© (USPTO granted the copyright in 2010) is one which Global Strategic Corporate Sustainability Pvt. Ltd has now applied to the US Patent Office for a copyright as we believe it will be a game changer for all boards in the years ahead.


The Program will be delivered in 7 webinars and each webinar will be 2 hours duration and cover a topic as listed below. The 2 hours include a panel discussion with Luxembourg professionals who will express their views on how each of the topics fits into the global and local business environment and respond to questions by the participants.

Topic 1: Introduction to the "21st Century Board Leadership model and strategy template".

Topic 2: The Climate Emergency Board response strategy.

Topic 3: The Health and Social Emergency Board response strategy.

Topic 4: New Technology Challenges and Opportunities.

Topic 5: Geo-Politics – Challenges and Opportunities.

Topic 6: The Economic Emergency and the Board Response strategy.

Topic 7: Governance & Board Strategy Advisory Committee.

In addition, every one of the participants will be inspired to develop a Company specific – "21st Century Board Leadership strategy" template using the model. This will be reviewed by Dr Ravi Fernando and Raymond Schadeck at the end of the course. The Objective is that every participant takes back a proposal to the company Board/CEO to build on and create a 21st Century Board strategy based on the learning. Every participant should be able to answer the question, ‘What was your learning and how will it benefit our company?

Points abordés

Be a Future ready 21st Century Board Member who appreciates Science and has a Triple Bottom Line mind set.

Understand how to create a Board response strategy to the Climate, Health and Social, Economic emergencies, New Technology and Geo-Political disruptions and Strategic Governance to ensure sustainable business models are not compromised.

Develop a company specific "21st Century Board Leadership strategy" template.

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