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A new Learning Hub for Adult Learning with UNESCO


The UNESCO Institute for Lifelong Learning (UIL) has the mandate to develop and strengthen the capacities of its Member States to build effective and inclusive lifelong learning policies and systems, in line with the principles outlined in the Sustainable Development Goal Number 4. This also aligns with EU priorities, as the regional follow-up of the Marrakesh Framework for Action showed.

To step up its efforts in this regard, UIL launched the Learning Hub, a new learning portal that gives access to online training courses, webinars, short classes, tolls and guidelines, workshops and recordings of conferences, and shared tools and guidelines. Thematics span from planning for lifelong learning and adult education, to literacy strategies, to enhancing and promoting basic digital skills, and improving monitoring and evaluation. They are addressed to national policy-makers, adult teachers and trainers, but also adult learners. Currently, the UIL Learning Hub already hosts more than 1500 users and courses in 10 different thematic groups.

A spot-on highlight? Here you can find resources related to building learning cities and lifelong learning centres for your communities!

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