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Situational leadership - choosing the optimal leadership style, from instruction to coaching to delegation

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A la carte leadership styles - adapting your leadership style to the maturity-level of your co-worker

Every leader wants his co-workers to feel good at work and deliver top performances. More so, each leader depends upon the qualities and motivations of his co-workers. Research shows that on average co-workers feel at their best with a coaching-style management.

Even so, each employee has to be guided more precisely in the start-up phase of a new responsibility. Whereas an experienced co-worker can tackle his challenges more independently. How do you as a leader fine-tune your approach to these differences?

In this training participants learn to diagnose the maturity level of the co-worker and adapt their leadership style to it. A clear model – like a gearbox – and lots of tips & guidance per leadership style help you to diagnose and apply. This strengthens your capacity to find a healthy balance between steering and giving space for development. The result is motivating for the co-worker, feeling confident in his growth, and a more effective output.

  • Adapt the leadership style to the diagnosed maturity level of the co-workers
  • Knowing how to shift from instruction-style to coaching-style


  • Reflection: are your co-workers independent? Characteristics of independence
  • Analyzing the involvement and competency of a co-worker
  • Situation leadership: adapting your leadership style to optimize it per co-worker
  • Test leadership styles
  • Instruction page for situational exercising
  • Mistakes to be avoided at each gear level in the gearbox
  • 7 rules for effective delegation
Pedagogical approach

Discovery and reflection exercises show how you naturally adapt your leadership style to the initial situation of our co-worker. A test questionnaire shows your personal preferences in leadership style and your flexibility to adapt. The model of the four leadership styles is presented, with cases and examples. Then we apply the principles to our workplace, analyzing some situations and the present and future leadership style. Similar interactive approach is applied for the arts of instruction and delegation, which are two of the four styles.


Certificat, diplôme

A certificate of participation will be sent to the participant after the course.

Informations supplémentaires

Meet the Consultant, Mr Eric Schillemans

I have always been fascinated by man and their potential. Thus my trainings focus on meeting people, the discovery of deeper values and on personal development.

After my scientific studies at the University of Antwerpen I worked for several years as a teacher in secondary education. Thereafter I was a University assistant to train professors. For several years I devoted myself to international development aid, helping building schools in India and in the Ukraine. A wonderful period of my life!

For over ten years now I invest my passion into the profession of a trainer, consultant and coach in the world of business and in the public sector. In parallel, and for the last 30 years, I have been accompanying people in relaxation and the development of their own individual potential.

My references include Belgacom, Citroën, Direct Dialogue Fund, Dexia Invest Luxembourg, the European Social Fund, International Post Corporation, ITS Luxembourg, JC Décaux, Oxfam, the European Parliament, the City of Gent, the Belgian Railway Company, Toyota, UNICEF, and many others.

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