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Negotiations Strategies and Techniques

2 jour(s)



Drawing on the techniques used by hostage negotiators, suicide and crises interveners and international peace-makers, this interactive course gives participants many opportunities to practice various negotiations techniques.
During this two-day workshop, a series of interactive simulations provide a common reference point for all participants to discuss negotiation concepts. The goal is to change the way you think about and approach negotiations.

Through negotiation simulations and lecture, participants learn and practice a variety of approaches to negotiations, how their effectiveness varies by situation, the effectiveness of their own style and how to flex it.
The key emphasis is placed on how these techniques can be used in business negotiation as well as dealing with difficult people in everyday work life.

What will you learn to do? The workshop will give you hands-on experience with negotiation techniques that will enable you to:
  • Develop a successful personal negotiation style
  • Provide effective leadership in deal-making and dispute resolution
  • Develop organizational negotiation and dispute resolution competency
  • Understand the bargaining process and how to improve your position in this process
  • Learn how to prepare for a complex negotiation process
  • Deal with Relationships, ego, and emotion
Who will you learn from?

Dan McCray is a lecturer at Cornell University. He is an expert in workplace negotiation, mediation and arbitration. As Practice Leader and Director of the Labor Relations Programs, Dan is responsible for developing and teaching professional education programs in negotiations, conflict resolution, collective bargaining for professionals working for unions and employers in the United States, Europe and Latin America.
Dan has taught and facilitated dozens of management and union teams, with a particular emphasis on developing and executing an effective negotiating strategy and the skills of an effective negotiator.


What will be covered:
  • How to prepare for a negotiation
  • Increasing your power during the bargaining process
  • Identifying mutual interests
  • Negotiation strategies and tactics to create value for your organization
  • How to claim your share of the value created
  • Understanding psychological tools that you can use in negotiation
  • Negotiating for resources within your organization
  • Learning how to resolve workplace disputes
  • Using coalitions to improve your negotiation strength
  • Understanding negotiation styles in cross-cultural settings
Méthodes pédagogiques

Through the use of videos, feedback, negotiation simulations and other exercises, you will:

  • Develop a successful personal negotiation style
  • Evaluate your own negotiation and dispute resolution style
  • Improve your own negotiation and dispute

Public cible

A qui s'adresse la formation?

This workshop is useful for anyone who needs to influence others or negotiate with other co-workers or clients. Participants from all functional areas and all industries are welcome.


No prerequisites


Certificat, diplôme

Participants will earn a certificate issued by the Luxembourg School of Business.Our school is accredited by the Ministry of Education and member of AACSB (global business education network and association).

Informations supplémentaires

Feedback from the previous participants:

"An interesting subject moderated by high quality and very knowledgeable teacher. Lot of good material to be used in a day to day life"
Joel Kieffer - Regional Head of Business Development at KNEIP

"Highly recommended to sharpen your negotiation skills"
Elisabetta Vangelista Senior ALM Officer at ESM - European Stability Mechanism

" The professor is amazing and keep you interested during the whole lecture. Good job!"
Rogelio Rodriguez Cueto Team Lead, IT Financial Applications at ESM - European Stability Mechanism

''This training is very down-to-earth and practice-oriented. It gives you handy tools for preparing your negotiation process in business life''
Didier Vanderperren - CFO at Alcadis

''This training will be instrumental in boosting the profitability of my company''
Nicolas De Ridder - CEO at Solar Screen

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