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Game of Threats (EN)

3 heure(s)


  • Computers blocked until a ransom is paid
  • Clients’ credit cards and personal data pirated
  • All the company’s intellectual property stolen
  • Reservation and payment website completely down
  • Financial scams by way of identity theft from the financial director

Science fiction? The latest hit thriller? Unfortunately not. These attacks, which are orchestrated by experienced criminals, can affect any company, including those that think they’re well protected.

Have you got what it takes to repel so many threats of such a varying nature?

In order to make business leaders more aware of IT threats and their consequences for business continuity, PwC’s Academy is proposing a training course based entirely on a virtual RPG that drops participants into the heart of a crisis, in the form of a meticulously organised attack against a company.

The course will conclude with a drinks reception, enabling participants to continue exchanging views on the topic with our experts.


At the end of the training, participants will:

  • be aware – thanks to the RPG – of the potential IT threats to their company;
  • understand where these threats could come from and precisely how they can compromise their company’s IT system;
  • have an insight into the attackers’ aims and methods; and
  • understand why it is essential to implement security protocols in their company’s IT infrastructure.


This course will consist of four parts:

1.Welcome and presentation of the “Game of Threats” simulation tool that will be used during the course

2.Introduction to cybersecurity and the responsibilities of business leaders

3.“Game of Threats” role-playing game

The participants will be divided into two teams: the “attackers” and the “company leaders”.
During the different rounds of the game, the teams will take turns in assuming both roles and must use the cards available to them to attack or defend a company.

4.There will be a debrief at the end of each round so that participants can understand what has happened, which actions were decisive and how the attackers and defenders could have adopted a different strategy to change the outcome.

Public cible

A qui s'adresse la formation?

Company leaders and executives


Certificat, diplôme

An attendance certificate will be sent to participants.

Informations supplémentaires

The advantage of this course

This training course consists of a genuine RPG that constructs a simulation of a major attack, using gaming techniques to understand real-life IT threats.

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