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Developing intercultural competence

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Our Intercultural Competence training programme will make you better equipped when faced with the challenges of intercultural business, enabling you to work effectively and confidently in an ever-changing world. You will gain a deeper understanding of what it means to work across borders and discover how to utilize cultural competence as a strength when dealing with cultural diversity.

Learning objectives

Using a multi-method approach including case studies and lively intercultural discussions, this programme will:

  • Introduce you to Hofstede’s 6-D model, a scientifically based tool that will optimise daily working practices in an intercultural context
  • Increase your knowledge of and insight into the importance of your own culture in determining your behaviour
  • Emphasize the significance of other cultures’ behaviours, assumptions, reactions, and expectations
  • Sensitise you to identify and deal with cultural challenges in your day-to-day work


  • What is culture and the impact of cultural values on behaviour in business
  • Hofstede’s 6-D model on national culture -a research-based methodology
  • Application of the 6-D model in real life context
  • Real-life case studies, simulation games and discussions
  • Action points
Benefits for the participants

By completing the Intercultural Competence training programme, the participant will be able to:

  • Anticipate and react appropriately to culturally sensitive situations
  • Understand the reasons behind conflicts in which culture is involved
  • Better recognise, understand, and effectively deal with your own experiences in an international context, with the help of the 6-D model
  • Be mindful of your own culture and the effects it has on your daily work practices and Understanding
Benefits for your organization

Benefits related to competences developed during this Training programme include:

  • Increased understanding of the impact of culture on business life
  • Improved effectiveness in dealing with people from different cultures
  • Increased performance resulting from greater understanding of the impact on culture
  • The ability to turn cultural diversity from challenge to advantage
Méthodes pédagogiques

The interactive and practical nature of the workshop allows the participants to immediately apply their skills to increase their effectiveness and competence when working internationally.

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Managers and employees who want to work more effectively in a global environment.




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We offer this course both as an in-house course in your organisation and as one-day open courses for individual participants.

Open courses: The open courses are suitable for your individual training needs as well as those of your employees.

In-house courses: Our training programmes are tailor-made to fit your organisation’s specific needs. We focus on countries of your choice and use cases and exercises relevant to the challenges you are facing, with the possibility of also discussing specific examples from your organisation.

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