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Server-side Development with Java - Level 1

34 heure(s)


In 2020, we’re launching a new programming course: Server-side Development with Java. It’s a 34-hour course, where you will be guided by an expert and trainer with 20 years’ experience in Software Development!

Most websites use server-side technology to keep lists of data such as users, products, articles, etc. Just imagine, for example, how many users and posts there are on Facebook, even over the course of a single day. All these data should be saved and displayed properly. We will teach you how to save necessary data, edit user information, remove old products, or prepare them for display.

The purpose of this orientation course is to give students an overall idea of the developing process of the server aspect of a web application. We’re going to create the simplest web application as an example. We will demonstrate the general architecture, basic technologies, typical components, and common tasks that developers face when embarking on such types of projects.


What we are going to study:

  • Network basics
  • Web application components and information exchange between them
  • Java Application Development
  • The well-known Spring Framework for developing web applications
  • Databases
Méthodes pédagogiques

How we are going to study:

  • Theory in an easy way
  • Practice together during the lessons
  • A quiz following each lesson
  • Homework assignments
  • Checking homework and answering questions
  • Finishing the project during lessons


Certificat, diplôme

In the end of the course you will get the official certificate from our Continuous vocational training establishment.

Informations supplémentaires

You will need to take any laptop with you.

We have a flexible graphic and individual approach with each student.

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Organisation Formation inter-entreprise

If you have any concerns about the course schedule, feel free to write to us about your preferences, and we will take these into consideration for our next courses.

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