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EPALE discussion - How to ensure optimal inclusion in adult learning on the provision and policy levels?

EPALE - 22/03/2018

EPALE - online discussion MAR18

As part of our March focus, EPALE is organising a written discussion on how to ensure inclusion in adult learning and what makes for an inclusive adult learning provision.

The discussion will take place on 22 March at 10:00 CET and will be moderated by EPALE Thematic Coordinator Simon Broek. Don’t miss the opportunity to share your views and experiences with the EPALE community on any of the following topics:

10:00-12:30 CET

Solving inequality on the level of adult learning provision:

  • What types of inequality do you see related to adult learning (educational background, social status, age, digital divide, migration status etc.)?
  • What do adult learning professionals need to know and do to offer inclusive provision?
  • How should inclusive adult learning be organised and offered?

Discussion left open during lunch interval

13:30-16:00 CET

Solving inequality on the policy level:

  • How to ensure that adult learning systems are optimally accessible for those who need them the most?
  • What barriers exist and how can they be overcome?
  • What recommendations would you give to policy makers who design and implement adult learning policies related to the Upskilling Pathways initiative?

**Comments will be open on 19 March so participants can introduce themselves or post their opinions in advance.

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Date 22/03/2018
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