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ITIL 4 Certification Scheme

Pierre-Olivier Portmann Service Management Consulting - 06/09/2019

A continuous learning mindset, and interest in knowledge is one of the key characteristics of professionals working in modern digital companies.

ITIL 4 provides a modern and scalable approach to IT Service Management, and the ITIL Certification scheme provides the ability for IT professionals that they master IT service management.

The ITIL 4 certification scheme complements the ITIL v3 certification scheme, and provides a modular approach to upskilling for IT professionals.

  • ITIL Managing Professional

    ITIL Managing Professional (ITIL MP) is a stream of four modules that are part of ITIL 4. These programs are targeted at IT practitioners, who are working in technology and digital teams across businesses.
    The four programs provide you with practical and technical knowledge that allows you to run successful IT-enabled services, teams, and workflows.
    To obtain the designation ITIL Managing Professional you have to complete and pass all four programs (or transition into ITIL 4 if you have 17 credits from the ITIL v3 scheme through the Transition module).

  • ITIL Strategic Leader

    ITIL Strategic leader comprises of two distinct modules, where one of these modules ITIL Strategist Direct, Plan and Improve is a universal module, and also relevant to the ITIL Managing Professional Path.
    The ITIL Strategic Leader designation is relevant for those who are operating at a Leadership capacity within IT organizations, or who are aspiring leaders. You will learn to use ITIL at a strategic level, and use the ITIL practices to craft a strategy for your organization.
    The ITIL Strategic Leader designation is awarded to those completing both modules.

  • Managing Professional Transition

    If you are currently an ITIL Expert, or if you have collected at least 17 credits in the ITIL v3 certification scheme, the ITIL 4 Managing Professional Transition module and the related exam fast tracks you into the ITIL 4 scheme and delivers you the ITIL® Managing Professional Designation.
    The ITIL Managing Professional Transition course is a 5-day training program based on the learning outcomes prescribed by AXELOS for this module. This course will provide information on the key elements of the four modules in ITIL 4 Managing Professional stream (ITIL Specialist Create, Deliver and Support; ITIL Specialist Drive Stakeholder Value; IT Specialist High Velocity IT; and IT Strategist Direct, Plan and Improve).
    The course will also provide an introduction to the key concepts covered in ITIL 4 Foundation.
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