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Investigate - How to run a successful fraud investigation?

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Investigate - An interactive PwC simulation

Take on the role of investigator and experience a business crisis first-hand.

The ever evolving global regulatory landscape is a constant challenge for all organisations. Increased activity by law enforcement bodies, government agencies and regulators means that your organisation can face the intense scrutiny of an investigation, with no warning, and with huge reputational consequences.

The need for an effective compliance program, appropriate culture and behaviours, and to react decisively in the right way when things go wrong can be vital to your organisation’s survival.

How would you react to a dawn raid, or a serious whistle-blower allegation? The regulator is in the building, what do you do?


An "Investigate" session involves playing the simulation in a workshop with teams of up to four people, facilitated by experienced PwC Forensic Investigators.

Dive into "Investigate" and experience a realistic simulation of a regulatory crisis. Live how an investigation unfolds in a time pressured environment, the decisions that need to be made along the way, and the sources of evidence at your disposal as you build your understanding of the case.

Search e-mails, interview suspects, analyse data and make real time decisions to compile evidence and identify the suspects. At the time of the report submission, find out how well the team performed!

Access to a web-based investigations dashboard, and work in groups to help the company’s board understand whether fraud has taken place, and who was involved.

Experience a competition between groups to undertake the best investigation and observing the other groups' approach. Submit the group report and find out the performance of the others.

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  • Internal audit
  • Inspection Générale
  • Control functions

Informations supplémentaires

This training is coordinated by Michael Weis, partner at PwC Luxembourg.

Michael is Leader of Forensic Services and AML/Anti-Financial Crime in Luxembourg.

Michael is leading a large variety of Financial Crime projects, including AML investigations, remediation and prevention projects in various industries, incl. Asset Management and Banking.

Michael has a strong experience of incident management and crisis situation in the context of high-profile AML investigations. As part of his work Michael has already worked several times as on behalf of the financial regulator CSSF in the context of the “Panama Papers” or similar special reviews for financial institutions. Michael is also involved in anti-sanction reviews with regards to OFAC or EU sanctions and regularly involved in forensic investigations.

As part of his project experience, Michael has extensively worked for EU owned Financial Institutions (Bank and Investment Fund) in Luxembourg.

Michael is recognised as a subject matter expert on AML and forensic matters as key member of the local industry working groups on fraud at the Institut Luxembourgeois des Administrateurs (ILA) for Directors and a founding Director of the Luxembourg Chapter of the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE).

As a regular speaker at the International Symposium on Economic Crime, Cambridge, UK, Michael has regular contact and good connections to leading international law enforcement practitioners and regulators. He is regularly featured as speaker at conferences and facilitating workshops in the context of Financial Crime and Forensic Services.

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