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Luxair  S.A.

Qui sommes-nous?

LuxairGroup is a key player and major employer in the economy of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and the surrounding Greater Region. LuxairGroup is the umbrella entity for 4 major activities linked to the fast-paced domain of air transport. The company employs 2.500 people working in a multicultural and dynamic environment, constantly putting their skills and know-how at the service of customers in order to satisfy the high expectations of today's sophisticated clientèle who wants the best at all time and every time.

Luxair Luxembourg Airlines, is the flagship activity of LuxairGroup and doubtlessly the one best known to the general public. It defines itself as a regional airline offering fast air service to most of Europe’s largest cities, business centres and international hubs. Luxair prides itself upon providing maximum flexibility to its business clients and quality travel at affordable prices to its leisure customers.

The tour operator LuxairTours, is growing steadily with an average of 200.000 clients per year, and is well-established in Luxembourg and the the surrounding Greater Region.
LuxairTours offers a wide range of package deals and thematic holidays: beach & sun, cultural tours and complete discovery trips, tailored to suit a wide variety of vacation desires and all budgets. LuxairTours strives to provide quality travel and services both on board of its aircraft and on-location at the chosen vacation site.

Thanks to the dynamic development of LuxairCargo, which now celebrates its 31st year in the air freight handling activity, Luxembourg airport is now the 5th busiest European airport in volume of air freight. With a World-Class latest technology terminal and outstanding air and motorway links, the CargoCenter is one of the largest freight distribution centres in Europe. The CargoCenter handles every kind of merchandise with ease and efficiency such as high-tech products, perishables (food & flowers), livestock and consumer goods.

LuxairServices provides various services to LuxairGroup’s entities as well as to other airlines operating at Luxembourg's Findel Airport. LuxairServices takes care of passenger assistance and all tasks relating to fast and efficient servicing of landed aircraft, so they can be on their way as soon as possible. The company also manages the activity and maintenance of the airport’s service vehicles. LuxairServices’ Catering division is responsible for preparing appetizing in-flight meals and loading them on-time in the best freshness conditions. They also provide on-demand meals for companies.

Méthodes pédagogiques

Interactive teaching method

  • Face to face training
  • E-learning

Domaines de formation

  • Développement personnel et professionnel

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Activités liées à la formation

  • Formation initiale

Quelques chiffres

  • Début de l'activité de formation en 1999
  • 30 formateur(s) permanent(s)
  • 2 000 participant(s) par an
  • 70 formateur(s) occasionnel(s)
  • 105 000 heures de formation par an
  • 1 formation(s) sur ce portail

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Informations pratiques
Agrément 00034841/28
Zones d'intervention Luxembourg centre
E-mail formation@luxairgroup.lu
Tél. +352 24 56 41 61
Fax +352 24 56 61 18
Adresse Aéroport de Luxembourg
L-2987 Luxembourg
Langues Allemand, Anglais, Français, Luxembourgeois
Organisation e-learning, Formation catalogue, Formation sur mesure
Type Formation catalogue et sur mesure
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