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Coaching & family, Szenner Hajnalka  

About us

The positive parenting workshops offer tools of nonviolent communication for parents to establish a strong relationship with their children based on mutual respect. It will help the child build a strong foundation of emotional and social intelligence.

The 3 positive parenting courses are tailored to the development stages of the child. They give the parents practical and efficient tools to help them to tackle everyday situations in the spirit of positive parenting. 3 types of positive parenting course for parents with small children (0-6), children (6-12) and teens (12-18).
The “Jealousy: conflict and rivalry between siblings” workshop focuses on relationships and conflict management between siblings. Finally, the workshop for early childhood professionals offers a programme of positive communication created for the needs of professionals working with small children.
The interactive program created by the French organisation l’Atelier des Parents is based on the new developments in neurosciences, emotional intelligence and nonviolent communication. By learning about the different stages of the development of the child [small children (0-6), children (6-12) teens (12-18)] their brain, the parents can better understand their child’s behaviour. The approach taken from the nonviolent communication and positive psychology puts the emphasis on cooperation, on mutual respect and communication techniques that promote understanding. You can learn how to listen to your children so they feel genuinely understood and how to express your needs and concerns.
During the courses we use a workbook published by l’Atelier des parents. The book contains 7 chapters (in case of the course „Jealousy between siblings” 4 chapters), each of them articulating around a main subject. In each chapter there is a theoretical part which we explore through exercices, role plays, demonstrations by the trainer. Even the difficult concepts of neurosciences are presented in an easily understandable and playful way. The interactive and playful exercises help to consolidate the different techniques. The role plays help the parents better understand their child’s perspective.

The main topics of the programmes adapted to the age of the child:

  • developmental characteristics
  • functioning of the brain
  • emotions
  • rule setting
  • empathy, consequences instead of punishment
  • adapted reinforcement
  • problem solving
  • building self-discipline and self-esteem
  • guiding towards autonomy

The main topics of the workshop Jealousy

  • Understanding the role of jealousy in the relationship of siblings.
  • Management of conflicts and disputes between brothers and sisters.
  • Management of Rivalry between siblings.
  • Get rid of the roles and labels

Positive communication for early childhood professionals
The 4 modules (of one day) of the training:

  • Module 1: Understanding and taming emotions.
  • Module 2: Laying down a solid and secure framework. Finding an alternative to punishment.
  • Module 3: The three pillars of self-esteem. Accompanying the young child in the development of his or her autonomy and self-esteem.
  • Module 4: Communication between the parents-children-professionals.

Teaching methods

The workshops are based on an interactive and practical approach. They alternate theoretical explanations, role plays, studying of problematic, everyday situations, video support, tools of modern pedagogies (mind maps, awareness raising exercises) and exchanges about the participants' concerns and problems. The material is based on the latest developments of positive psychology, nonviolent communication and neurosciences (works of Carl Rogers, Thomas Gordon, Martin Seligman, Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, Dan Siegel, Catherine Guéguen etc).

Training domains

  • Personal and professional development

For more information on training domains, please see Glossary

Training-related activities

  • Support - Coaching

Some figures

  • Beginning of the training activity in 2018
  • 1 permanent trainer(s)
  • 70 participant(s) per year
  • 4 course(s) on the site
  • 150 hours of training per year

Responsibility for the content of this page lies solely with its author, Coaching & family, Szenner Hajnalka , the training provider presented above.

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Practical information
Accreditation 10090183/0
Activity area Luxembourg
Phone +352 661 188 322
Address 17, rue du Moulin
L-8387 Koerich
Languages English, French
Organisation Inter-company training, Intra-company training
Type off-the-shelf and custom-made course
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