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audioLingua  S.A.

About us


Our language courses are tailor-made, individually designed, based on active conversation training, on learning grammatical structure, syntax and vocabulary, with accent and pronunciation training under the guidance of the language coach. We fulfill your language objectives in your daily job, in your sector, to fit perfectly to what you need.

The Sound Perception Training (SPT) has been developed based on the Tomatis Method. Hearing and voice are being specifically trained to perceive the relevant frequencies by using audio material and electronic equipment. This leads to quicker integration, improved speech, pronunciation and comprehension. In addition, this method has a positive effect on the motivation of the students and reduces fatigue. The effectiveness of language training with such material was verified and proven in a study carried out by the European Commission over a three-year period as part of the Socrates Research Programme.

Our offer:

  • Intensive language courses with auditory perception training
  • Tailor-made language courses with content framed to fit the needs and goals of the individual student or company
  • Highly qualified and experienced language coaches
  • Courses in small groups or individual training, in-house training, flexible training times


Designed for directors, managers, team leaders, supervisors, and of course anyone who wants to improve his leadership skills, our equine-facilitated activities help demonstrate how one's leadership style is perceived by others, offering the opportunity to experiment with new approaches to enhance results. The learning experience is based on interaction with other course participants, the facilitator, and of course, from a naturally born leader, your equine partner.

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Teaching methods

Each language has its own characteristics and individual frequencies, melodies and rhythms. To learn a foreign language means to open your hearing for the frequencies of this particular language, by using audio material and electronic equipment. This method built up by audioLingua leads to quicker integration, improved speech, pronunciation and comprehension. In addition, this method has a positive effect on the motivation of the students and reduces fatigue.

Training domains

For more information on training domains, please see Glossary

Training-related activities

  • Skills audit
  • Training advice and services
  • Support - Coaching
  • Training path management

Some figures

  • Beginning of the training activity in 2009
  • 20 occasional trainer(s)
  • 6 permanent trainer(s)
  • 7 course(s) on the site

Published catalogues

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Training Support Team

+352 26 27 07 30


Practical information
Accreditation 00157849/4
Activity area Allemagne
Phone +352 26 27 05 55
Fax +352 26 27 07 31
Address 4 B, Duerfstrooss
L-6858 Münschecker
Organisation Intra-company training
Type Bespoke training
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