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Skills audit

The skills audit is a tool included in Guidance throughout life, and comprises an assessment of an individual's knowledge, aptitudes and skills including his/her motivations, with the purpose of drawing up a career plan and/or planning a career change or training project.

Its purpose is to help the individual to:

  • Assess his/her previous career path,
  • Situate him/herself in the world of work,
  • Prepare him/herself for the recognition of non-formal and informal learning outcomes and attainments,
  • Plan his/her career path.

Source: Cedefop, Glossary Quality in education and training, 2011

Agency for the Development of Employment
(Agence pour le développement de l’emploi – Adem)

The Agency for the Development of Employment can allow the job seeker to complete a skills audit.


Meet an individual's need for information on him/herself, a requirement motivated both by the willingness to review his/her situation and the desire to manage his/her own career by exploring on the one hand the skills that he/she possesses, and on the other hand the job market, and the skills sought.

The purpose of the skills audit is to identify and expand on the job seeker's skills in order to identify where his/her skills fit into the the labour market.

The following areas are considered in the skills evaluation:

  • Knowledge: What you know, acAdemic and vocational qualifications,
  • Know how: What you know how to do in a work situation, technical skills,
  • Interpersonal skills: social skills, self-image, connection with others, sense of communication, initiative, politeness and good manners, motivation.

Job seekers can contact the employment service in order to obtain a skills audit.
Agency for the Development of Employment

Employment service

+352 247 88888

Training providers

Several institutional and private training providers can also offer expert help with skills audits.

Below is a non-exhaustive list of training providers to contact who are members of the portal:


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