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Interview - Dr. Julia Plüntsch - Executive DBA Alumni 2021

Business Science Institute Luxembourg - 14/02/2022

Dr. Julia Plüntsch is a 2021 Executive DBA German alumni and winner of the "2021 Managerial Impact Prize" awarded by Business Science Institute

Why did you register for an Executive DBA programme with Business Science Institute?

The following points convinced me of the Business Science Institute program:

  • High quality professors with international expertise
  • Serious, transparent structure of the DBA program
  • Offer of seminars on scientific work
  • Traditional, recognized university awards the doctoral degree
  • Dedicated leadership of the program by Prof. Kalika

What was your thesis subject and why?

Based on my personal experiences as a member of the board of Rügenwalder Spezialitäten with two production sites in peripheral regions, I choose the question: Which factors motivate managers to choose an employer in rural areas? for my research work. This is a highly relevant topic because the "war for talents" is having an even greater impact in peripheral regions, caused by the Urbanization-trend. Therefore, the companies in rural areas need special strategies to fill the pipelines, ensure their survival and drive their development.

What are your main results?

In this research work I have constructed a checklist for managers, which can be helpful for the recruitment process. It is based on the evaluated motivation factors of managers, who apply for companies in rural areas. In summary it is important to target the right person with the problem solution for their current life situation in order to recruit successfully. Recruiting is no longer just about technical qualifications and cross-disciplinary skills. You have to look at the person as a whole and develop an empathetic view.

As a woman manager, what has been the added value of the DBA?

Personally, I operate in an environment in which gender does not play a separate role and I am committed to equal treatment of men and women. I see the added value of the DBA generally in the deepening of the scientific, profound way of working, the expansion of the ability to assess figures, data and facts and the maturation of the personality.

No matter what gender you are.

What is the impact of your DBA?

The dissertation offers many advantages for my company. The recruitment of employees gets another dimension, which offers us new opportunities in the "war for talents".

Furthermore, the interviews conducted as part of the study have enabled new contacts that are still maintained today and offer a constructive exchange with the companies.

In addition, the research work brings other company leaders to my attention who would like to come into conversation for an exchange on this highly relevant topic.

About Julia PLÜNTSCH

Julia Plüntsch is a member of the management board of the Rügenwalder Spezialitäten Group. After graduating from high school, she studied Food Technology (Dipl.-Ing. (FH)) at the Technische Hochschule Ostwestfalen in Lemgo, and subsequently General Management (MBA) at the FHDW in Paderborn. Today, she has 13 years of management experience in the food industry and, together with her mother-in-law and husband, manages the family company, which produces protein-based food products at two locations in Germany. In September 2021, Julia Plüntsch defended her Executive Doctorate in Business Administration (Executive DBA) on the topic of "Aspects of employer choice of executives in rural areas", under the supervision of Professor Dr. Hansjosten, Hochschule Heilbronn. Julia Plüntsch was awarded the "2021 Managerial Impact Prize" by Business Science Institute.

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