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Information, advice and guidance (IAC)

Last update : 22.02.2016


Range of activities designed to help individuals take educational, vocational or personal decisions and carry them out before and after they enter the labour market.


  • Guidance and counselling may include:

    • counselling (personal or career development, educational guidance);
    • assessment (psychological or competence-/performance-related);
    • information on learning and labour market opportunities and career management;
    • consultation with peers, relatives or educators;
    • vocational preparation (pinpointing skills/competences and experience for job-seeking);
    • referrals (to learning and career specialists).
  • Guidance and counselling can be provided at schools, training centres, job centres, the workplace, the community or in other settings.

Source: Cedefop (2014) "Terminology of European education and training policy: A selection of 130 key terms"