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Enseignement secondaire

Last update : 25.02.2020


In the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, secondary education is for pupils as from the age of 12.
School attendance is compulsory up to the age of 16; the complete cycle at a secondary school, unless the pupil repeats a year, lasts seven years.

There are two types of secondary education:

  • classical secondary education (enseignement secondaire classique - ESC)
  • general secondary education (enseignement secondaire général - ESG)

In accordance with the Grand-Ducal Regulation of 21 August 2017, the term 'secondary education' (enseignement secondaire) has been replaced by 'classical secondary education' (enseignement secondaire classique) and the term 'technical secondary education' (enseignement secondaire technique) by 'general secondary education' (enseignement secondaire général).

Source: Ministry of Education, Children and Youth (Secondary education)