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Training effort

Last update : 08.12.2014


In Luxembourg, companies can seek financial support from the State for their investment in continuing vocational training. The co-funding requests that they submit contain a qualitative and quantitative description of the implemented training plan. Company training investment indicators are analysed in this context.

Training effort is defined by the following indicators:

  • The financial investment in training rate (taux de participation financière à la formation - TPF)
    is the direct investment in training divided by the gross total wage bill.

  • Training expectation
    The number of man-days of training that an employee can hope to attend over one year (one man-day = 8 hours)

  • Average direct investment per employee
    Direct investment in training divided by the number of employees

Source: INFPC, Training Observatory (Observatoire de la Formation) - Formastat 2012